Targeted Education Support Service (TESS)

We are highly qualified and experienced teachers and educational practitioners who work with schools to support children and young people (aged 4-16) when learning progress, social, emotional or mental health are causing concern. We work with every school in the borough.

What we do

  • Provide specialist advice to support educational progress - This may be through assessments, consultation and/or observation ending in a written report. We will also be involved in meetings where concerns and progress are discussed such as an Early Help meeting, Education Health and Care Plan review, or a Pastoral Support Programme meeting
  • Deliver training - Practical suggestions around the teaching of reading, spelling, mathematics, social skills, emotional development as well as developing teachers own awareness of SEND strategies and the SEND: Code of Practice. Training is delivered both across the borough and individually to schools. School based training is personalised to meet the need of each school
  • Modelling best practice - Working in schools with their staff in the classroom using a positive solution-focused approach.

Getting help

  • Referrals to us are via the school.
  • If your child is having difficulties accessing their school work or in making progress please speak to the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at your child's school. 
  • Professionals need to follow the procedures set out in the High Expectations for All file.


We have produced a number of checklists and resources that draw upon wider research and knowledge to help schools and other settings support pupils with SEND.


Quality first teaching

Top tips

School policy




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