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Drivers of hackney carriage vehicles or 'taxi's must apply for a licence to drive these vehicles.
A multi-million pound investment is set to transform Wigan's best loved attraction into a regional destination for the whole family.
To own or run a hairdressing or barbers business in Wigan Borough, you need to register and comply with byelaws.
How to report incidents of hate crime.
If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax let us know.
Hazardous, clinical, chemical or toxic waste must not be put into your domestic bins.
Information on insurance and appeals, what to do when accidents occur, and advice for various job types.
Services, support and information for adults and children.
Advice and support for sexual health, drug and alcohol problems and information about health schools.
Opportunity to make your views heard about health and social care in Wigan Borough so services can be designed around the people who use them.
Helping schools teach children about making good choices to improve their health and wellbeing.
Information for parents - Supporting young people with significant hearing loss or visual impairments that could give them problems in their education.
If you have a hearing or visual impairment we look at the best ways to help you remain or become as independent as possible.
Services in the community that can help you stay independent from help with meals, getting dressed, shopping, laundry and more.
Information on available support services, residential care, dementia, supported living and more.
An interactive, fun way to add value and enrich your teaching that is curriculum-linked.
Information about conservation areas, listed buildings, trees and woodlands and how to deal with high hedges.
High Expectations for All (HEFA) describes the systems and processes for Special Educational Needs and Disability provision in Wigan.
Report issues with roads and pavements in Wigan borough.
Apply for a licence to place private apparatus along, over or across a public highway, such as cables, balconies, canopies etc.
Detailed gritting routes during bad weather.
Information on ancient monuments, archaeology planning applications and buildings of interest.
If you are living with HIV/AIDS, there is advice and support available.
List of holiday clubs within Wigan Borough.
How to save time, money and the environment by making and using your own compost.
Affordable contents insurance policies exclusive to Wigan Council.
Parents are expected to provide an efficient, full-time education suitable to age, aptitude, ability and any special educational need.
Assisting residents to make their own neighbourhoods safer, by helping people to protect themselves and their property.
If you are having trouble making your mortgage repayments now or are concerned about doing so in the future you need to understand your options.
It is an entirely honorary position, bringing no special rights, but is intended to reflect the esteem of the wider community.
The Honorary Freedom of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan is the highest honour which the Council can bestow.
How to apply for, renew or change a licence for multiple occupation of a house.
From housing associations and available housing to private housing and sheltered housing.
Providing housing advice to private tenants and those considering moving to the private rented sector.
A guide to the types of homes and care homes available to over 55's including sheltered accommodation and extra care housing.
How to apply to get on the register and find out how we allocate and prioritise our homes.
Council house repairs, bathroom refurbishments, property improvements, gas services, asbestos and smoke detectors.
The council's housing strategy for Wigan Borough.
How much you will have to pay towards the cost of your care depends on a financial assessment.
Apply for a licence to practice hypnotism including hypnosis, mesmerism and any similar process which produces any form of induced sleep which increases susceptibility of the mind in another person.
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