Emergency contacts

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Council contacts

Council out of hours emergencies

For genuine emergencies concerning drainage, flooding, street lighting, building and electrical repairs, highways.

01942 404040

Emergency repairs to council houses

01942 489005

Adult social care 

01942 828777

Childrens social care

01942 828300
National emergency contacts
Fire, police, ambulance emergencies 999 or 112
Greater Manchester Police 0161 872 5050
Gas emergencies (National Grid) 0800 111999
Electricity emergencies (Electricity North West) 0800 195 4141
To report power cuts or damage to power lines or substations 105
Water emergencies (United Utilities)  
No water supply or discoloured water 0345 672 3723
Problems with drains and sewers 0845 602 0406
Pollution 0800 015 1230
Leaks 0800 330033

To assist the emergency services to find your medical information and contacts you can use the national 'Message in a bottle' scheme.


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