Home education

The law imposes a duty on parents and guardians of children of compulsory school age (currently 5 to 16 years old) to secure efficient full-time education. This can be done at school or otherwise. 

For most children this means that they will go to a school, but for various reasons a number of parents choose to teach their children at home.

Parents are expected to provide an efficient full-time education suitable to age, aptitude, ability and any special educational need.

Although we have no statutory duty to monitor the quality of the home education provided, we do have to be satisfied that parents are offering a suitable education, so will be in touch (normally each year) for information about the education you are providing.

Withdrawal from school

If your child/ren are enrolled at a school and you have not already done so, you will need to write to the school to let them know that you have decided to educate them at home (include the last date that they will attend at school).

Alternatively, if you have been offered a school place, you will need to write to advise that you do not wish to accept that place because you intend to educate your child/ren at home.

Help and support to educate at home

What if I find home education isn't working?

If you find home education is not working your child can go back to school but you will need to apply for a place.


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