Homeowners at risk of repossession

If you are having trouble making your mortgage repayments now or are concerned about doing so in the future you need to understand your options.

Please don't be embarrassed about your situation - the earlier you get advice, the more chance you have of finding a solution that suits both you and your mortgage lender.

Advice and support

  • Drop in session for mortgage repossession hearings - The council and Wigan Citizens Advice provide a court desk facility so if you have a mortgage repossession hearing you can drop in half an hour before your hearing and we will speak to you and if you wish, represent you in court. Contact Citizens Advice ahead of your court date and they will go through your income and expenditure so they are fully informed ahead of the hearing
  • Wigan Council homes - We work with homeowners at risk of repossession to ensure they have accessed all the support possible and where all else fails they will help you to make an informed decision on a planned move rather than having to move at crisis point. To get in touch fill in our online self-referral form 
  • Money management - Free and confidential advice on managing your money either in person or via telephone, with free one-to-one sessions available
  • Benefits - List of organisations that can help with budgeting, benefits and debt advice

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