Housing Strategy and Housing Needs Assessment

Wigan Borough Housing Strategy 2020

The Wigan Borough Housing Strategy 2020 outlines our overall plans and ambitions to ensure our borough is providing high quality, affordable and accessible homes for all.

It shapes how the Council, working together with our partners and communities, will ensure that our borough has the right homes, new and existing, for the right people in the right places.

It acknowledges the multiple areas of lives which housing touches upon, and sets out how our housing plans will help ensure that housing meets the various support needs of our residents, and provides healthy and secure accommodation for people in vibrant communities that care for one another.

Our proposals go way beyond the projected numbers of new homes required. In this strategy, we focus on:

  • Dynamics between people at different stages of their lives
  • Types of homes they can afford and what they would ideally want
  • Suitability of homes that are available
  • Community influence over what is built where
  • Improving the homes we have
  • Helping people to solve their housing related problems
  • How people can be helped to access a home they want
  • How all this impacts on our local economy, strengthening the Wigan £, and helping to achieve our carbon neutral ambitions.

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Wigan Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) 2020

The Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) 2020 provides an up-to-date evidence base to support the Council’s Local Plan and Housing Strategy. It gives detailed, robust, and defensible evidence to help determine local housing priorities, and inform the Council’s forward plans and development.

This research encompasses an up-to-date analysis of the social, economics, housing and demographic characteristics of areas across the borough, and identifies the type and size of housing needs by tenure and household type, and considers the need for affordable housing and the size, type and tenure housing needs for specific groups within the borough.

The HNA has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the February 2019 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and associated Planning Practice Guidance (PPG).


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