Nazia Rehman - Resources, Finance and Transformation

Nazia-RehmanMain roles and responsibilities

  • Implementing the Deal for the Future
  • This Portfolio will leading on transformation plans, public service reform and growth, customer services.
  • The Resources Directorate is taking the lead on improvement and efficiency, and transforming the way the council works and serves its customers, providing joined-up, ‘connected’ services in a customer-focused environment, and adopting the ‘one team, one council’ theme.
  • The portfolio includes responsibility for human resources, and links to the Communication Portfolio in relation to its strategic lead for outward-facing services across the council in terms of commissioning i.e. organisational development, reputation management, policy support and performance management.
  • The Resources Directorate has the role of ensuring that the Council has high standards of accountability. It monitors how well resources are used, which includes technology, property/assets, finances and people and the one council theme, together with the client functions.

Priorities for 2018/19

  • Transformation Strategy
  • Information and Research
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Reputation management
  • Information and Communication technology support and equipment
  • Consultations including petitions
  • Customer services
  • Democratic Services
  • Registrars Ordering of goods and services
  • Financial services and monitoring
  • Legal Services
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement and commissioning
  • Asset and energy management

Council appointments

  • North West Employers Association
  • Statutory Functions Committee
  • GM Reform Executive
  • Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation Joint Management Committee

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