Kevin Anderson - Police, Crime and Civil Contingencies

 Kevin Anderson - Police, Crime and Civil ContingenciesMain roles and responsibilities

  • Implementing the Deal for the Future
  • The Adult Social Care and Health Directorate ensures that the council has an efficient and effective 24/7/365 response capability, plans and processes in place to discharge its statutory responsibility under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and associated legislation and guidance.
  • The Adult Social Care and Health Directorate supports a programme to build both individual and communities of resilience (including businesses); enabling them be better prepared and develop the capacity to absorb shocks and return back to some form of normality quicker - sufficient resilience to prevent stress fractures or even system collapse.
  • Giving advice and assistance on Business Continuity and Planning to council directorates, businesses and community groups.

Priorities for 2018/19

Link with Police, Civil Contingencies:

  • Facilitating the councils 24/7/365 emergency response capability
  • Facilitating the councils 24/7/365 response to planned events, e.g. demonstrations, marches, celebrations, concerts
  • Emergency Planning
  • Humanitarian support
  • Warning and informing the population
  • Training and exercising
  • Business Continuity
  • Building Resilient Communities
  • Co-ordinating the councils Counter Terrorism strategy and response
  • Liaising and working with other Category 1 & 2 Responders
  • Facilitating the Wigan Borough Resilience Forum

- CCTV/security enforcement Neighbourhoods Town Centre Community safety/anti-social behaviour/police.

- CCTV/security enforcement Joint Intelligence Unit and Data Management.

Council appointments

  • GM Police and Crime Panel
  • Leigh Town Centre Management Group
  • Local Access Forum
  • PATROL Adjudication Joint Committee

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