Chris Ready - Communities and Housing

Chris Ready - Communities and Housing

Main roles and responsibilities

  • Implementing the Deal for the Future
  • Strengthening Communities and Neighbourhoods
  • The Resources Directorate supports a Building Self Reliance Programme to allow for confidence and pride in the borough.
  • The Resources Directorate also has the role of ensuring that policy relating to equality and diversity is adhered to by individuals and services offered by the Council.
  • Oversight of cultural activities

Priorities for 2018/19

  • Community Engagement Policy
  • Building Self Reliance 
  • Community Investment Fund
  • Grants
  • Community Asset transfers
  • Community Rights
  • Chair, Councillor Services Group
  • Culture
  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • Member support

Council appointments

  • North West Employers Association
  • Member Development Network
  • AGMA Executive Board (Substitute)
  • Douglas Valley Community Limited

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