Carl Sweeney - Portfolio holder for Environment

Carl-SweeneyMain roles and responsibilities

  • Implementing the Deal for the Future
  • Operational delivery of the services – waste collection/disposal, street scene, highways, transport provision, building maintenance, school catering, environmental protection, environmental health and licensing.
  • Waste management, looking at the long-term recycling and future management of the borough’s waste.
  • The Places Directorate ensures that there is efficient functioning of the borough’s highways network, and takes forward issues such as congestion, community safety, cleansing and environmental health.

Priorities for 2018/19

  • Planning
  • Regulations/Development Control
  • Car Parking Strategy, management and enforcement
  • Pest Control
  • Highways Adoption of highways
  • Road safety traffic
  • Street lighting
  • Refuse collection
  • Environmental promotion and education
  • Highways design
  • Bridges
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Provision of council vehicles and plant Utilities
  • Highways and Building Services
  • Food and Health and Safety
  • Licensing and regulation
  • Public health
  • Trading standard
  • 20 MPH speed limit
  • Environmental enforcement
  • Highways maintenance and transport

Council appointments

  • Norfolk Property Services (NPS) North West Limited
  • Platt Bridge Community Centre
  • Public Sector PSP
  • Planning and Housing Commission

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