Local lettings policies

Some of our homes are subject to local lettings policies.

These policies may place certain criteria or restrictions on a property that applicants on the housing register must meet in order to rent that property.

Local lettings policies can be placed on:

  • New build and/or regeneration schemes
  • Lower than market rent properties
  • A group of properties of a particular type or in a particular neighbourhood in the following circumstances:
    • Reducing the minimum age criteria for certain 'lower demand' bungalows or older people schemes
    • Imposing temporary restrictions - such as a minimum age, or on new tenants in a block of flats which may have been subject to anti-social behaviour from former tenants
    • Introducing an upper or lower age limit on a block of flats to help prevent a clash of lifestyles.

When criteria or restrictions have been applied to a property it will be mentioned in the property advert when you search for a home (external link).

More information about our local lettings policies can be found in our allocations policy.

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