What information do I need to supply?

Depending on the questions you answer you may need to provide:

  • Proof of child benefit for any children under 16 who are moving with you
  • Proof of pregnancy and the date the baby is due (please notify us when the baby has been born)
  • Evidence to confirm that you are eligible for council housing if you are not a British citizen
  • Proof of a local connection if you live outside of the Wigan Borough or have lived in the Borough for less that 5 years
  • An estate agents valuation and details of any outstanding mortgage if your equity is below £65,000 or details of the equity you received if the property has been sold or repossessed
  • Evidence of Compulsory Purchase Order or proof that the property is going to be demolished
  • Evidence from Environmental Services confirming that it is not reasonable for you to continue to live in the property long term
  • Evidence to show that you have been accepted to adopt a child or as a foster carer or supported lodgings host
  • Evidence of care arrangements if you require an additional bedroom for the carer, e.g. a letter from Social Services, copy of Carers Allowance details etc.

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