Assessing your application

We aim to process your application within 28 working days providing you have supplied all the information we need.

Applications are assessed based on personal circumstances and housing need. Your application will be placed in one of 3 groups:

  • Group A - Urgent housing need
  • Group B - Housing need (points awarded)
  • Group C - Standard housing need

We will send you a letter once your application has been accepted which will contain your unique reference number and explain the group/points scheme in more detail.

You will need your unique reference number to place bids when you search for a home (external link) so please keep it safe.

How are properties allocated?

The majority of properties are allocated according to the allocations policy

  • Housing need - This takes into account an applicant’s group/points (see above)
  • Time based - This takes into account the length of time an applicant has been on the housing register (10% of all properties are time based lets for Wigan Council tenants).

Some properties will also be let directly to homeless households or those suffering severe hardship and may not be advertised.

Some of our homes are subject to local lettings policies. These policies may place certain criteria or restrictions on a property that applicants on the housing register must meet in order to rent that property.

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