What are my chances of getting a property?

Housing applications

We are seeing unprecedented demand for housing, including temporary, move on and permanent council accommodation. We have many people currently waiting for a council home on the housing register and so far this year only a small number of properties have become available for letting therefore waiting times for council properties have significantly increased.

How we allocate homes

We must make sure that we meet housing needs and make the best use of the properties we have.

We must also deliver the council’s statutory duties under the Housing Act 1996, the Homelessness Act 2002 the Localism Act 2011 and other relevant legislation.

We follow the council’s allocations policy which sets out:

  • Who can apply for housing
  • How we assess and prioritise applicants for rehousing (how you get points)
  • How we allocate homes
  • The council’s policy on applicant choice and preference.

How many houses are there?

To see how many properties there are on each estate throughout the borough view our ' properties by area’.

This may help you decide what to bid for in future.

How many bids were received for each property?

You can log into your housing account to see how many bids were received for each property. 

The 'number of bids' refers to all applicants who bid for the property whether or not they are eligible for that type of property. This will give you an indication of the demand for each property.

How was a property let?
Priority groupWho was the property let to?
Needs based The property was let according to the applicant’s group/points on the list
Time based The property was let to the applicant on the waiting list the longest (shown by the registration date). Priority is given to Wigan Council tenants but if there is no demand from Wigan Council tenants, then the property is let to a non-council tenant
Priority let The property was let direct to an applicant in urgent housing need
Downsizer The property was let to a council tenant who needed smaller accommodation and was let according to the applicant’s group/points on the list.
Local Lettings Policy The property is part of the local lettings policy. The rents for these properties are set higher than neighbouring, similar properties but are typically 20% cheaper than private sector rents.

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