Employment, education and community

During and after school we will be on hand to support you in a number of ways and help you explore all your options for the future.

Finding a job

To help you develop your skills and access employment, training or volunteering opportunities, your progression worker ( see below) or personal adviser will support you in making an informed decision about your future career path.

To find a job you can visit:

Continuing your education

If you’re still in secondary education you will have lots of support from:

  • Your subject teachers, pastoral care and form teacher
  • The virtual school - They will help you with any school work issues, problems with attendance or anything else connected to your study and the school you attend
  • Personal Education Plans (PEP) - To look at what further support is needed as well as celebrate your achievements so far. Meetings are attended by your social worker, form teacher, head of year and virtual support worker. If you attend college, your PEP will continue to look at your educational needs and the support available until your 18th birthday
  • A POP ‘personal opportunities plan’ if you are continuing your education past 18 years old to make sure your educational needs are being met and that you have the right support
  • Laptop or other equipment needed to support your studies.

If you wish to continue in education and go to college or university you will be entitled to the 16-19 bursary (external link) from the government, and moving on to university you can get a  Higher Education Bursary from us and will be eligible for student finances. Find out more about local schools, colleges and universities.

Your virtual support worker, social worker and personal advisor can offer you some really good advice about higher education and help you fulfil your ambitions.

Digital support

Digital technology has become an essential part of everyday life, so we want to make sure care leavers have the support they need to get online and benefit from the digital world. Our digital support service includes help with:

  • Digital connectivity
  • Access to online services e.g. paying bills
  • Developing your digital skills
  • Access to a digital device and support to use it

So that we can understand your digital requirements and how best to support you, complete the following online form with help from your personal advisor and we'll be in touch:

Get some training

If you are aged between 16-25 years, Wigan offers a lot of support to help you develop your skills and find a job.

  • Confident futures employment pathway - For young people aged 16-25 years not in education or employment. As a care leaver you will have priority over any placements and Apprenticeships available and enhanced support with matching to opportunities based on your interests
  • Become an apprentice - Find an apprenticeship and look up local opportunities and learning providers
  • Training opportunities - Access a range of accredited courses and programmes
  • Aspiring Futures - They provide a careers advice and guidance service to ensure young people can progress into the most suitable post 16 opportunities. They will allocate you an Aspiring Futures Progression Adviser so you can access further guidance and peer mentoring, helping you achieve employment education or training
  • Work experience with the council - Ask your progression advisor for more information
  • Volunteer to get work experience - Get an insight into the world of work.

Get involved in your community

We would like all of our care leavers to contribute to the local community and society in general and we understand that leaving care and beginning to live independently can be lonely for some people. With our support, we encourage you to:

  • Share your views - Find out how you can share your views and play an active role in shaping our service
  • Volunteer - Improve your employment skills and give back to your community
  • Enrol on the electoral register - We will support you to do this so you can vote in the elections and have your say in who represents your community.

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