Understanding who you are

When you’re in care, support is available to help you understand your identity, this includes:

  • Your early life experience
  • Who your family are
  • Your care experience
  • Your gender
  • Any disabilities you may have
  • Your sexuality
  • Your race, culture, religion and ethnicity
  • Your abilities and help developing your ambitions.

During your pathway plan meetings, we can explore your support options with any of the above.

Getting ID and a bank account

Your personal adviser will help you gather important documents to enable you to open things like a bank account or credit union account. If you are entitled, we can provide you with a passport and provisional driving licence if this has not already been provided by your social worker.

Before you turn 16 years old your social worker should have helped you to apply for your national insurance number and obtain a copy of your birth certificate.

Your birthdays are important to us, we will make sure you have a present and a cake on your 19th, 20th and 21st Birthday.

How to access your information

Some young people like to access their information to explore some of their early experiences - this is part of who you are and makes up part of your identity. 

Your personal adviser can help you access the file of information Children’s Social Care has held about you while you were in care. They can talk to you and explain what information is available and what may not be shared.

For access to your file you can either ask for support from your personal adviser or you can:

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