Understanding who you are

As a care leaver, we believe that is important that you understand who you are. Your PA will take the time to get to know you, learn about the things that you enjoy, things that you don’t like, the people who are important to you and what an amazing person you are.

We can support you to understand your care experience, and some young people like to do this by accessing their file of information from when they were in care. This information is part of who you are and makes up part of your identity. This is called a subject access request and your PA can support you with this.

As an adult, you will also need identification to prove who you are for things such as opening a bank account, employment, accessing courses and benefits. You should already have your national insurance number and your birth certificate. We will supply you with:

  • A passport
  • A provisional driving license
  • If you are a separated young person (unaccompanied asylum seeker), we will ensure you have Travel Documents.

If you are a Separated Young Person (unaccompanied asylum seeker), we will ensure you have the following:

  • Hygiene pack - shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, shower gel, deodorant
  • A food pack of basic essentials including pasta, rice, oil, bread, sugar, tea/coffee, eggs, fruit/veg, tinned goods, items from your own country that you will be used to eating
  • Access to cutlery and crockery for use for preparation of food particular to your religion for example for halal food or kosher food
  • Clothing pack (£100)
  • Faith pack - Quran/bible, prayer beads, prayer mat, religious clothing, water jug
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi as standard
  • A bank account and registering with a GP, dentist, and optician
  • Offer a multi-language service, and work with you if you do not have English as your first language
  • Help to trace your family should you wish to do so through referral to the Red Cross family tracing service
  • Access to cultural foods, and places of worship should you wish to continue practising your religion
  • Support you to engage in activities that promotes an understanding of your rights and responsibilities and encourages integration into British society
  • Life Skills Programme has been designed to get you ready for adulthood
  • Issue you with your own Front Door Key to where you are living
  • Access to your own fridge in your flat or bedroom.

Our workforce is highly trained and experienced in supporting Separated Young people and we can offer robust support with the asylum claim process, working alongside your allocated worker, reducing the anxieties that can be associated with this.

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