The level of support you can receive from us depends on your status as a care leaver.

Our housing partners ‘Homes’ work really hard to ensure you have the best accommodation available to you, meeting with care leavers to offer simple, jargon-free advice and information on:

  • Suitable accommodation - This includes telling you about neighbourhoods with known challenges to ensure you feel safe
  • Homelessness and how to prevent it from happening
  • How we assess priority need for all 16-21 year olds.

Housing options

There are a number of accommodation options which may be assessed as meeting your needs:

  • Semi-independent accommodation
  • Supported living
  • Independent living
  • Supported lodgings placement (for those in full-time education)
  • House of multiple occupancy.

Additional support is available, just ask your personal adviser to help you explore the following:

  • Final Finish Service - Includes decorating, carpets, curtains and blinds
  • Furnished package - From white goods to a fully furnished property
  • Advice and assistance - Includes claiming housing benefit, registering for your My Account, setting up your utilities and registering on the electoral register
  • Setting up homes grant - If you’re a relevant/former relevant care leaver you're entitled to a one off ‘setting up homes’ grant of £2300 to help you purchase furniture for your first home. If you secure a local authority home it will be decorated throughout with carpets and blinds. If you turned 18 years old after the 9th September 2019 and secure your first tenancy from the 9th September 2019 we will provide you with your first TV licence and one years subscription for wifi, if you need it.

Your options based on age

  • If you’re 16 years old - We would usually offer supported accommodation in partnership with our partners at Your Housing and Jigsaw. There may be exceptional circumstances where a 16 year old is able to maintain a tenancy with support, in these cases we would identify suitable accommodation and place the tenancy in the name of the local authority until you turn 18
  • If you are 17 years old - We would consider the most appropriate housing solution for you, taking into consideration your wishes. This may be an offer of supported accommodation or an independent tenancy
  • If you are 18-25 years old - We would look at the whole range of housing solutions dependent on individual needs including supported, semi-independent and independent accommodation.

Support in a crisis

At times young people may find themselves in a crisis regarding somewhere to live. We work with our housing team, local charities and hostels to secure temporary accommodation whilst a permanent home is identified. Organisations include:

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