What support will care leavers get?

When you leave care you have the right to get support from the council which includes:

Personal Adviser (PA)

When you leave care we will make sure you have a leaving care personal adviser to support you. It is their job to keep in touch with you, check that you are alright, help you get what you need, ensure your accommodation is suitable and encourage you in your education, training or employment.

You will be allocated a personal adviser when you are no longer looked after, this might be when you are 16 or 17. They will also make you aware of your rights:

Your personal adviser is there to make sure you have support while you transition into adulthood. Moving into independent living can be a challenging time; your personal adviser will offer really good advice and guidance after you have left care.

Your personal adviser is there to help develop your pathway plan.

Your own pathway plan

When you reach 15 years and 9 months, or as close to this time as possible, your social worker MUST complete your Pathway Plan Needs Assessment. This assessment will help you to understand how we are going to support you into independence. We will ensure you have all the help you need to contribute your wishes and feelings, helping you set goals for your future.

When you are 16 years and three months or close to that age, we will hold a review of your plan and check everything is on track, we will then hold a review every six months.

Helping you explore all your options

The pathway plan can sometimes feel like a big report, this is because we need to look at all the support options available to you. The plan helps everyone to understand who is responsible for which part. During the assessment and review meetings we will try to include people that are providing you with regular support, we will also explore if you have any extra support needs these might be:

  • Educational needs
  • Needs from a disability
  • Because you are an unaccompanied asylum seeker
  • You’re in custody
  • You’re a young parent
  • Any other reason.

We will try to make sure you have every opportunity to attend your reviews, ensuring they’re held at the most convenient location and time.

You decide who should attend your review and who can receive copies of the plan.

Support to develop strong relationships

We know how important relationships are to help us feel safe and supported, your personal adviser is there to help build a really good relationship with you and offer you the level of support to you need to meet your wishes, however it’s important that you have other relationships that you feel are positive.

From time to time we can all find it difficult to maintain some challenging relationships and we all might need a little extra support, talk to your personal adviser about access to any of the following:

  • An advocate
  • A care leaver champion
  • A mentor
  • A family/friendship group conference
  • Information on healthy relationships
  • Access to local groups.

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