Local welfare support

Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants are no longer available will not be replaced.

We are now working in partnership with organisations and agencies to provide support to people in crisis. If you find yourself in a crisis we will be able to provide advice and tell you about a service that can help. We do not make cash payments or pay out crisis loans.

Examples of crisis may include:

  • Having no means of providing food for yourself or your family
  • Being homeless or finding yourself at risk of being homeless
  • Having no basic necessities to manage your home.

We can also provide support to access basic necessities required to set up a new home.

We are working with Unify Credit Union (external link) to provide support to people who may require financial assistance or be in need of help to set up a home.

Unify Credit Union can offer:

  • A financial assessment which will look at your money coming in and going out and give you support on budgeting
  • A low interest loan, in advance, for rent, white goods or furniture to start up home which will be assessed on an individual basis for those who have not yet established a savings history with Unify
  • Support to find items to set up home or in situations of disaster relief including white goods, furniture and basic necessities
  • A debt consolidation support package.

Unify Credit Union will support people in a crisis and in need of significant financial assistance and will treat each application on its own merits. The amount that people are able to borrow will be determined by affordability. The Credit Union can also make appropriate referrals where affordability is an issue.


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