Financial support

As a care leaver, you may be able to get some financial support to help you live on your own and this will depend on your own specific circumstances.

Managing your money can be challenging if it is not something that you have done before.

Your PA will support you with understanding your finances, including claiming universal credit.

If you are under 25 and living in Wigan then you will not need to pay council tax.

The leaving care team will help manage your First Homes grant.

We will pay for your first 12 months wifi when you move into your own property.

A child’s savings ISA account may have been created for you when you were in care, your PA can help find out about this.

We will give you a birthday allowance of £25.

We understand that at times you may need extra support and we will signpost you to voluntary organisations / charities that can provide food parcels and money for gas and electric.

If you are open to the Leaving Care Team, we can liaise with Pooles Domestics, a local company in Platt Bridge that we have had a relationship with for over 10 years, to source a package of white goods at a reduced cost for you, (this includes washing machine, fridge freezer and cooker). If you want to choose your own items, you are welcome to visit the shop in Platt Bridge and view the goods at a discounted price (goods are discounted due to being considered a ‘second’, so for example they may have a slight scratch on them). All items have a warranty and Pooles Domestics will make sure all items are in working order after delivery. If an item stops working, Pooles Domestics will go out and try and resolve the problem at no extra cost.

At The Hub we have our own pantry where we can support care leavers with things such as tinned food and washing powder.

You are also entitled to access a bus pass for across Greater Manchester.

And we will offer you the opportunity to have a block of 10 driving lessons to help you become more independent.

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