Putting your bin out for collection

When you put your bins out on your collection day:

  • Put all waste inside the bin with the lid closed flat
  • Don't  overload the bin, make it too heavy, leave extra bags out or fill with incorrect materials
  • Put your bins out at the edge of your property boundary by 6.30am on collection day, but no earlier than 6pm the evening before (unless you are in receipt of an assisted collection)
  • Place your bin with handles facing the road in a position that isn't causing an obstruction
  • Make sure your bin is numbered
  • Take your bin back within the boundary of your property after collection.

Bins left on the pavement

All bins should be back within the boundary of the property (or alley-gated area) by midnight on the day of collection or you could face further action.

I need help putting my bin out

If you are unable to put your bin out yourself, and you have no neighbours or friends who can help you, you may be able to have an assisted collection.

Report a missed bin

Where weather conditions or vehicle access is an issue we will return to affected properties on the first available collection date.

If your bin has not been collected and you have followed the guidance above then you can report a missed bin.

Cleaning your bin

It is your responsibility to keep your bins clean. See our simple steps to keeping your bin clean.


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