Food caddies and caddy liners

A food caddy can help you to recycle your food waste. By placing it on your kitchen work surface it will remind you to recycle all food left overs and peelings.

Wigan Council supplies food caddy liners free of charge to residents of Wigan borough. If you want a new/replacement food caddy in, they are charged at £5.

How to use your food caddy

  • Line caddy with compostable liners
  • Sort food waste into caddy
  • Place full food waste bag into green bin.

Watch our video below to find out how to use your food caddy and what happens to the waste after collection.

Remember to make sure you use a caddy liner that has the green ‘compostable’ logo, as shown in the video. These are made from starch to keep plastic out of our compost.

After collection, your garden and food waste is sent to an in-vessel composting facility and left to mature until it is ready to be spread on British farms to improve soil quality.

Request a caddy liner

Tie liner around bin

We supply replacement cadyy liners free of charge to residents of Wigan borough. If you're running low:

  • Simply tie a liner around the handle of your green bin when leaving your food waste out for collection and a new roll will be left at your property. Please remember to remove this when your new liners have been left.

What we will and will not collect

Food caddy / Green bin
Meat and bones (raw and cooked) Milk, yoghurt or cream
Fish Liquids
Bread and pastries Cooking oil
Cheese Soil and rubble
Eggs and egg shells Food packaging
Pasta and rice Plastic bags and black bin liners
Fruit and vegetables (raw and cooked) Cardboard
Tea and coffee grounds Large branches (more than 15cm diameter)
Twigs and small branches (less than 15cm diameter) Timber (treated or not treated)
Leaves, weeds, grass and flowers Animal bedding / cat litter
Plate scrapings and leftovers  

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