Keeping your bins clean

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An occasional clean of your bins will help to limit smells and the build-up of waste within the bin. Cleaning your bin also helps to reduce the risk of attracting flies and vermin.

Steps to keep your bins clean

  • Use boiling water and bleach (or white vinegar) to rinse your bins occasionally – this will keep your bins clean and free of any waste stuck to the sides or bottom.
  • Make sure you bag your rubbish in your black bin and use compostable food bags for your green bin. This will keep your waste from being loose within the bin. Please do not put plastic bags in either your blue, brown or green bin.
  • A quick rinse of cans and bottles for your brown bin will help to reduce any remaining food or liquid going into your brown bin.

What about flies and maggots?

If you're having problems with flies or maggots in or around your bins, there are a number of simple measures you can take:

  • Ensure your bin lids are shut
  • If possible, store your bins out of direct sunlight – this will slow decomposition of your waste and reduce smells
  • Spray your bin with disinfectant after washing your bin with boiling water and bleach
  • Try smearing your bin lid with an environmentally friendly oil such as citronella, tea tree oil or eucalyptus
  • Double bag any pet waste
  • Make sure to place food waste in compostable bags before placing it in your green bin.

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