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Requesting an additional black bin →
If you are wanting to request an additional black bin you will need to complete a 5 week waste diary before we can do a waste audit to see if you are eligible and to ensure you are using all three recycling bins and a food waste caddy correctly. Please complete the request an additional black bin form.

You can request larger or smaller bins, get a replacement for a damaged bin, or ask us to remove a bin you no longer want. Damaged bins may be repaired rather than replaced.

Charges for replacement bins

If your bin is damaged or has gone missing you will need to order a replacement. 

The charge for a replacement Black bin is £35. A replacement Brown, Blue, or Green bin will be provided free of charge in the first instance, but any further replacement recycling bins will be £35 each. Food caddies are supplied free of charge.

If you move into a new build property you will need to arrange delivery of your bins. A charge of £44.40 will be applied for this.

Additional bins


We aim to deliver within 4 weeks of the bin request being received.

If your replacement bin is not delivered before your next scheduled collection please tell us:

Missing bins

If your bin has gone missing on collection day, please check with your neighbours to make sure it hasn’t been taken by mistake.

If you don’t find it, it may have fallen into the collection wagon. You will have received a card through your letterbox to inform you of this. If this is the case, a new bin will be automatically ordered for you and will be delivered as soon as possible.

Communal bins

If you use communal bins that are shared with other properties, and a replacement for a damaged or missing bin is required, the landlord, managing agent or leaseholder must contact to arrange payment and delivery of a new/replacement bin.


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