Request a replacement bin/caddy

Please note, we are currently experiencing a high volume of requests for new or replacement bin or food caddy’s. We aim to deliver your bin with 10 working days, however this may be slightly longer until the demand reduces to normal levels. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

You may request an additional black bin if you are:

  • A large family of 6 or above
  • Have a number of children still using nappies
  • Generate a large amount of medical waste (non-hazardous).

To request an additional black bin you will need to complete a 5 week waste diary before we can do a waste audit to see if you are eligible and to ensure you are using all three recycling bins and a food waste caddy correctly.

Charges for replacement bins

If your bin is damaged or has gone missing you will need to order a replacement.

The charge for a replacement bin is £50 for a Large and £48 for a small bin. Food caddies is £6 and large kerbside is £10.

If you are moving house, all the waste and recycling bins must be left at the property for the next residents.

If you think our collection vehicle has damaged your bin after collection, please contact us using the Damaged bin form to let us know. Do not order and pay for a replacement bin and then request a refund.

Charges for new bins

From 25th April 2022 it is the developers’ responsibility to purchase bins for residents moving into new properties and these bins should be on site when you move in.

If planning permission was approved before this date developers may be unaware of the changes and may not of purchased the bins for new residents. If this is the case, you will need to email to order and pay for the bins.

For any new developments approved after 25th April 2022, developers must order bins for all new properties via the application link provided on the planning approval.

If you experience any issues ordering bins for new properties, please contact and include your name and contact number.

Additional bins

  • Request an additional black bin - You will need to complete a 5 week waste diary before we can do a waste audit to see if you're eligible. There is a charge of £50 for a large and £48 for a small bin.
  • Request an additional green bin -  An officer will contact you to review your request and conduct a waste audit over the phone. There is a charge of £50 for a large and £48 for a small bin.
  • Request an additional brown or blue bin – No waste audit is required and there is a charge of £50 for a large and £48 for a small bin.
  • Tell us if you're moving house - If you have an additional bin and are moving address, you will need to notify us of your new address and take your additional bin with you to your new address. You must leave one of each colour bin at the original property.
  • Tell us if your additional bin is no longer required - If you no longer require your additional bin you can request that we remove it. There is no charge.


We aim to deliver within 10 working days of the bin request being received.

If your replacement bin is not delivered before your next scheduled collection please tell us:

Missing bins

If your bin has gone missing on collection day, please check with your neighbours to make sure it hasn’t been taken by mistake.

If you don’t find it, it may have fallen into the collection wagon. You will have received a card through your letterbox to inform you of this. If this is the case, a new bin will be automatically ordered for you and will be delivered as soon as possible.

Communal bins

If you use communal bins that are shared with other properties, and a replacement for a damaged or missing bin is required, the landlord, managing agent or leaseholder must contact to arrange payment and delivery of a new/replacement bin.

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