Why develop in Wigan?

Wigan borough is an ideal place to develop housing and offers a wealth of opportunities:

  • Wigan is at the heart of the North West and boasts rising development values
  • It's part of Greater Manchester (GM), the UK’s strongest economic centre outside London and the South East
  • Strategically well located with direct rail services to London, Manchester, Liverpool and other locations such as Preston, Warrington and Bolton
  • Will be a HS2 station/high speed gateway for the North
  • Has a strong local economy and is home to various local, national and international businesses e.g. Kraft-Heinz, Uncle Joe’s, Poundland Distribution, NicePak and AB World Food (Patak’s Foods)
  • Has a strong residential market with over 3000 houses built in the last 3 years and an identified 5-year housing supply
  • Is pro-development and has granted planning permission for over 13,000 homes since 2011.

What are we doing to help?

We’re funding infrastructure

Our economy is growing and it’s important that we have the right connections in place to support this growth. With more traffic on our roads than ever before, we need to improve our connectivity across the borough so local people have access to jobs and opportunities. We also want to alleviate traffic on some of the borough’s busiest routes, reduce congestion and improve journey times for local people. Projects include:

A49 link road

The A49 link road was officially opened and unveiled by the leader of Wigan Council, Councillor David Molyneux in Summer 2020. The A49 link road will help connect the town centre with the M6. The project has been designed to ease congestion and alleviate traffic on Poolstock and provide an alternative route for commuters and residents travelling into Wigan town centre. The new link road will also improve air quality along current routes, it includes a new highway and four bridges. The A49 link road now connects Warrington Road and Goose Green to Westwood Park and the town centre at the Poolstock and Chapel Lane junction.

M58 link road

The M58 link road will alleviate traffic on one of the borough’s busiest routes, Ormskirk Road (A577), promoting east to west connectivity and improving air quality. The new road is an extension of the existing Leopold Street. We will be connecting the M58/M6 motorway junction through to Billinge Road and on to Pemberton Business Park, where it will connect to the existing roundabout at Smithy Brook Road. Planning approval has been granted, with detailed construction proposals developed throughout 2020. The aim is to start work on site in 2021.

Bringing a new lease of life to our Town Centres

As one of the eight principal town centres in Greater Manchester (GM), Wigan is high on GM’s agenda. To tackle some of the challenges facing town centres, we have:

  • Developed the Wigan Town Centre Strategic Regeneration Framework to show residents our long-term vision to redevelop their town centre
  • Created the Wigan Town Centre Residential Development Prospectus to showcase why Wigan town centre is a great place to develop a new residential market and to drive interest in the town centre as a development location to any prospective developers. The prospectus is an active document and will be continually updated with any new sites or intelligence that comes forward
  • Applied to the Future High Streets Fund and are working on regeneration plans that include new residential units, workspaces, cultural centres and leisure facilities, reviving and sustaining our high streets.

Regenerating The Galleries shopping centre

Wigan Council has officially announced that Galleries25 - a joint venture partnership between Cityheart and Beijing Construction Engineering Group International (BCEGI) - has been appointed as the Strategic Development Partner for the £130 million redevelopment of the Galleries Shopping Centre in Wigan.

Wigan Council will work with Cityheart and BCEGI to agree the final details of the development with construction expected to start in early 2022 with an anticipated completion date of 2025. Following consultation with residents, retailers, traders and visitors, the proposals have been designed to transform Wigan town centre into a vibrant, attractive and accessible place to live, work, visit and learn, helping to secure its long-term future.

The town centre is currently dominated by retail units, but under these plans there will be a much wider and diverse offer, including improved hospitality, leisure, and residential opportunities.

Future High Street Fund

Subject to submitting an updated business case, Wigan Council have had an initial approval for a multi-million pound Future High Streets Fund project for Wigan Town Centre and are working up regeneration plans that include new residential units, workspaces, cultural centres and leisure facilities, reviving and sustaining our high streets.

Alongside this, Historic England haves backed plans to create a Heritage Action Zone in the King Street area of Wigan to bring historic buildings back into use, including the Royal Court theatre, investing around £2million.

Community Wealth Building

Community Wealth Building aims to place control of our local economy in the hands of our local people, businesses, and communities. It is about how we work, along with our partners and businesses, to use our budget for goods and services, recruitment, land, and property in ways which reorganise the local economy to retain wealth in the borough and ensure benefits and inclusive opportunities for local people.

We want to work with local communities and partners who all want to develop land and housing that can help create inclusive and sustainable economies through place-based assets. Community Wealth Building will help us tackle economic inequality locally and create a fairer borough with greater opportunities for all.

Our Community Wealth Building vision and principles document sets out how we will move forward with this approach to create sustainable social, economic, and environmental benefits for all our residents for decades to come. 

Specialist and supported housing

We want to make sure that our residents are provided the housing, care and support they need to Start Well, Live Well, and Age Well.

Working with partners across the sector, including private developers, registered providers, providers of care and support services, and more, we want a borough which secures high quality supported accommodation to residents who require additional support in order to thrive in their communities.

If you are interested in working with us to help meet this growing sector of specialist housing need, please complete our online form:

We see our aspirations for a growing and high-quality specialist housing sector in Wigan as key to our Community Wealth Building ambitions. These ambitions focus on building a fairer and inclusive economy by giving greater control to our local businesses, residents, and communities, recognising the links between a growing and more inclusive economy, and their wellbeing and prospects.

This is especially important following the impact of COVID-19 and the way in which we recover.

Our house building programmes are contributing to meeting the needs of residents who require supported housing, and we look forward to working with developers of all sizes to play a bigger role in helping to deliver our Community Wealth Building priorities.


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