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Housing Needs Assessment (HNA)

We are pleased to share with you our recently published Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) 2020. The Wigan Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) 2020 provides the council with up-to-date and robust evidence to support our Housing strategy and the local plan and its future development.

This research provides an up-to-date analysis of the social, economic, housing, and demographic characteristics of the area. The HNA identifies the type and size of housing needed by tenure and household type. It also considers the need for affordable housing and the size, type, and tenure of housing need for specific groups within the borough.

HNA Sub-Area Profiles

To support the publication of the HNA, we have developed the HNA Sub-Area Profiles.

This document has a section dedicated to each area of the borough which will help ensure we can secure the right homes in the right places. Each Sub-Area Profile contains:

  • A plan of each area to include settlements
  • Analysis for appropriate tenure splits for affordable housing and the dwelling size and type for each sub-area to meet housing need
  • Where possible we will feed in commentary and intelligence from our own lettings data
  • The profile will also include further intelligence on strategic priorities that are specific to an area, for example, focus on town centres, key regeneration areas and anything specific that is referenced in the housing strategy.

We believe this will assist in any future discussions with potential developers who are interested in developing in Wigan Borough.

Housing Strategy

The Deal 2030 is our ambitious plan for Wigan Borough. It is a new way of delivering public services and it sets out how staff and residents will work together to create a truly world class place to live in the decade ahead.

Across everything we do in housing, this is the first time we've considered how we will work to the principles of The Deal and what we will do to achieve its aims.

We are proud to have gone through this process and to be able to say that we have a housing strategy and action plan that starts with The Deal and that is fully oriented towards achieving its aims.

Through this strategy, we're making it possible for more people to live in a home that is affordable and right for them, in the right place, with good connections and support where necessary.


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