Major transport projects - Infrastructure, connectivity and regeneration

We’re investing in our borough’s transport networks and town centres for better access to jobs, education, health and leisure.

Proposals, consultations and have your say

  • Cycling and walking - We are improving our cycling and walking networks to make it easier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists to move around the borough, encouraging healthy lifestyles, a reduction in carbon emissions and better access to facilities, services and retail
  • Junction Improvements - We are improving the junctions in our borough to improve capacity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Road networks - We are making improvements to our road networks to make your journey easier and quicker.

Schemes at construction

Completed schemes

Digital connectivity

We want our borough to be fully connected, which means investing in digital infrastructure and services to help our businesses and residents to better exploit the digital age, to promote their services, create new avenues of business and become better connected.

Activation and behaviour change

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