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Planning is an essential part of any housing development project, turning a piece of land into a building plot that’s viable.

We want to make the planning process as smooth as possible so that you can avoid delays and have all the tools you need to submit a successful application.

To assist you in navigating our planning system from the initial ideas stage all the way through to completion on site, we’ve created a simple guide:

Do you need planning permission?

If you’re building from scratch, you’ll need planning permission.

Visit the Planning Portal (external link) for a wealth of information and tools to help you understand what you need to consider at each stage of your project.

You’ll find in-depth guidance on planning and building regulations which can support you to remain compliant throughout the life-cycle of your development project, so that it’s on time and in budget.

Get pre-application advice

We strongly encourage all developers to use our pre-application advice service at an early stage.

By doing so you get the valuable opportunity to discuss your project with a named case officer before you apply for planning permission.

They will help you put together a successful application that meets all requirements, avoids delays and stays within budget.

Do you need building regulations approval?

Building regulations apply to most building work, so it’s important to know when approval is needed before you start your development.

Going ahead with your project without approval could mean you having to pay to put things back to how they were or fix issues to make them right.

Check the validation checklist

Our validation checklist for planning applications is essential reading and will help you to:

  • Get familiar with the wide range of national and local policy requirements
  • Understand the essential information you need to submit with your planning application.

Search and track planning applications

You can use our database to search, track and comment on current applications and find historical applications.

What is the local planning policy?

Local planning policy helps shape how land use and places will change and develop in the future. Your development needs to be in line with local planning policy, otherwise it’s unlikely to receive planning permission.

So to keep up to date with local policies regarding housing, affordable housing and area specific plans, it’s important that you:

Are you in a conservation area?

You will need to check if your proposed work is in a conservation area to make sure your development is not damaging areas of historic or environmental importance.


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