Where can I find land?

The right piece of land for sale presents a world of opportunity to any developer.

Take a look at the following useful platforms to help you find the most suitable residential land for sale on the market.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

The SHLAA identifies land in Wigan borough that might have potential for housing at some stage in the future and assesses when it’s likely to be developed. This helps the council determine whether there is an adequate local housing land supply.

As such, the SHLAA is a great tool for developers to identify potential housing sites.

You can contact the developer hub for help finding landowner contact details and site intelligence.

The SHLAA is updated annually and was last updated in November 2020.

Buy Council land

Wigan Council is a large landowner in the borough and when sites are surplus to requirements, we will often market the land for development.

Any sale may also include restrictions to prevent certain types of uses, activities or development on the site.

Westwood Park - coming in Spring 2021

Westwood Park offers significant opportunity to the market for a high quality and sustainable mixed use residential and employment scheme. The site is located less than 1 km south of Wigan town centre, adjacent to Westwood Flash and the wider Wigan Flashes area.

Wigan Council have published a Planning Framework for Westwood Park which should provide clarity on the site’s development and should inform development proposals and subsequent planning considerations in the area.

The site will be brought to the market in 2021 so please keep checking this page for more information.

Develop stalled sites

We have a number of sites currently on hold and need targeted action to bring them forward for development.

The sites have strong potential for residential development and so by working more closely with developers and landowners, we can kickstart stalled sites in the borough.

Join our self-build and custom-build register

We believe that the self-build and custom homes sector have a part to play in delivering new homes in Wigan.

We hold a register of individuals and association of individuals who have expressed an interest in acquiring land for self-build and custom-build projects in the borough. This helps evidence the need for these types of homes in Wigan.

Buy land from Homes England

The Homes England Land Hub lists the sites available for development or disposal by Homes England. You can view sites currently on the market on an interactive map.


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