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Your personalised training plan

The BeWell Wigan app will become your most faithful training companion and will guide you step by step until you reach your goal, thanks to personalised training programmes and video tutorials which show you how to complete exercises.

It tracks all your activity, indoors and outside, as well as giving you access to a library of virtual workouts and fitness programmes, digital challenges and quick access to bookings.

Plus, you can pair it with a range of different apps and wearables and easily follow your bespoke programme, allowing you to keep track of how active you are and reach your goals even faster!

How to make the most out of BeWell

Free to members, this opportunity for one to one support, expert advice and guidance will transform the way you work out using BeWell.

  • Sync the app to your fitness tracker to track your movements outside of the gym
  • Join our gym challenges to test yourself and to compete against fellow members
  • Use the live and on demand group exercise programme
  • Use our Tanita machine for fast, accurate body composition results. Free to use on the gym floor, simply step on to the scales and then input your results into BeWell.

Get the app

This app will replace your Inspired Fitness Tracker / My Wellness app.



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