Mayor's charity

The Mayor's Charity Appeal is a registered charity which is set up to help support the Mayor’s chosen charity each year.

The Mayor for 2021/22 is Councillor Yvonne Klieve, who has chosen to raise money for Daddys With Angels.

Daddys With Angels

Imagine...Take a look at one of your children and imagine never seeing them again.

Imagine...The birth of your child never happening or ending in tragedy.

Imagine...A tragic accident or illness taking away your precious child.

Now imagine one of the above happening and people actively avoiding you in case they say the wrong thing, in case they don’t know what to say...Because they are afraid of what has happened to you...

That is where the Wigan based charity Daddys With Angels steps in. DWA invite bereaved parents in, they offer 24/7 online support and without sugarcoating the devastation they prepare them for their lifelong journey through grief. DWA is run entirely by volunteers, all of them bereaved fathers, who dedicate their time in tribute to their angels to make a difference for those following them on the same path.

Dan Hill from Lowton is the Director of DWA and, with his wife Jade, has sadly lost 12 children. Dan gives over 40 hours a week to DWA on top of a full time job and family and can often be seen out on his home made trike meeting families across the borough, spending time with medical professionals to ensure that child bereavement can move from the taboo subject it generally is and visiting neonatal wards around the region.

We have been overwhelmed with the assistance we have received since we moved DWA to Wigan and especially from our local councillors. I met with Yvonne Klieve before we made the move and her guidance was massively important to us. It became more than a simple phone call and questions, Yvonne genuinely saw what we do and I am sure realized the vital importance of helping these forgotten parents.

We currently rent a small office in Leigh from Wigan Council and are grateful for everything they have done to assist. To contact the charity please email the Secretary, Councillor M. Winstanley, at

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