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Gymnastics at Robin Park

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We run a number of different gymnastics programmes at Robin Park catering to all ages and abilities.

Pre-school gymnastics

Our pre-school gymnastics programme is a fantastic and fun way to introduce your child to physical exercise.

It’s the perfect foundation for any sporting activity, helping to develop fundamental motor skills, balance, and co-ordination.

Each session takes place at our interactive Gymnastics Hall, where we teach courage, confidence and nurture character through interactive activities, new experiences, and kind teaching.

Gym Tots

Every Tuesday, 11:45am - 12:45pm at a cost of £6.25 per session.

A child’s first introduction to the world of gymnastics, facilitated through free play. This class is a brilliant opportunity for some quality one to one time with your child.

Parents / guardians will accompany their child around the gym, with our qualified coaches on hand to help with more specific apparatus and to assist where needed.

Pre-school courses (2.5 - 4 years)

These sessions are a great opportunity for children to gain confidence on the equipment and experience all the basics of gymnastics in a fun and exploratory way. Children must be independent.

These sessions are more structured, delivered by our experienced coaches. Parents must remain on the premises, however they are not required to take part in the session. A viewing area is available for you to watch your little ones having fun and performing their new skills.

Recreational gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics programme builds confidence, character, and develops fundamental skills that will set your child up for life.

Learning through fun and exciting activities, our non-competitive programme will give your child the opportunity and space to take on new challenges and to build strength, co-ordination, and balance.

All of our recreational gymnastics’ sessions are designed to develop skills at a pace that is suited to every individual child, whilst having fun in a safe and friendly environment.

All sessions are open to children school age and above and are delivered by fully qualified and friendly coaches.

Gymnastics Squad

Our squad gymnasts are carefully selected by our experienced coaches, based on natural physical attributes, potential and attitude.

Gymnastics is a demanding sport and requires a lot of commitment from the gymnast and their families. The gymnast must be motivated, focused and be willing to learn.

Regular attendance is essential to progress. Squad members will be given the opportunity to represent the club at Women’s Artistic competitions.

Adult gymnastics lessons

Our adult gymnastics lessons start with basic gymnastics skills and build up to somersaults, handspring and flicks.

Sessions are suitable for anyone aged 16 years or over, regardless of your ability.

An instructor will be leading the session, however if any experienced gymnasts are taking part in the session, they will be allowed to explore the equipment to practice their skills.

How much is gymnastics?

Prices for gymnastics at Robin Park
Gymnastics programmeJuniorAdult
Gym Tots £6.25 per session N/A
Gymnastics Pre-school - 8 weeks (ages 2-4) £40.00 N/A
Gymnastics Recreation - 10 weeks £25 per month N/A
Gymnastics squad - 4 hours £59 per month £59 per month
Gymnastics squad - 9 hours £92 per month £92 per month
Gymnastics squad - 12 hours £99 per month £99 per month
Adult gymnastics N/A £6.10



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