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What is changing on the membership and booking system?

We’re changing the system we use to manage our memberships and activity bookings across our leisure centres, outdoor adventure centres and community venues.

We currently use a booking system known as ‘XN’, which is presented online as ‘Leisure Hub’. Meanwhile, our direct debit membership collections are processed by Debit Finance Collection. We are now instead moving to one integrated solution provided by Gladstone.

As part of the change, we will be launching a new mobile app and updating the way in which you check-in to an activity and access the facilities at our centres.

When will the change to the membership and booking system happen?

Our new booking system is scheduled for its public launch on Tuesday 3 September 2024. However, direct debit and annual members registered within the system will be able to pre-book activities for 3 September and beyond from Tuesday 27 August.

What disruption will I experience when the membership and booking system changes?

We're making every effort to minimise disruption for our members and customers during the switch-over - including keeping you informed on important steps you need to take to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Please watch out for any communications from us in the lead-up to the switch-over and follow the instructions you receive. By doing so, members will be able to make advanced bookings via the new platform prior to its full public launch.

For non-members, there will be a short period of time during which you’ll be unable to make activity bookings in advance. We expect this to be from Thursday 29 August until Monday 2 September 2024.

Parents and guardians of children enrolled onto our Learn to Swim or gymnastic programmes will be temporarily unable to monitor their child’s progress as we transfer the data into our new system. We anticipate this process will take place from Monday 26 August to Monday 2 September 2024.

What is changing on the Be Well App?

We’re launching a brand new Be Well app which will make it easier for you to book an activity, manage your account and explore all the many ways to Be Well with us!

The existing Be Well app will be replaced and a dedicated Technogym app (‘Technogym - Training Coach’) will instead allow you to record your workouts and track your progress using Technogym’s MyWellness system should you wish to do so. All other functions will be performed by the new Be Well app.

Why is the Be Well App changing?

We want to give you, our customers, the best possible experience when booking activities and managing your membership. Our new app will make it easier for you to do this, with increased functionality, seamless integration with our booking system and a more user-friendly interface.

Which app do I need to download?

The most important app you need is the new Be Well app. This will be the only app that will allow you to book activities once our new booking system goes live from Tuesday 3 September 2024.

If you want to record and track your workouts, you can also download the ‘Technogym – Training Coach’ app which will enable you to access the digital experience offered through the MyWellness system. There will be a link to download this app in the new Be Well app.

I currently have the Be Well app powered by Technogym. Can I continue to use this?

In the short-term, the current app will remain live and continue to function in the same way. However, following the launch of our new Be Well app, the activity booking functionality of the current app will be removed. You will no longer be able to book an activity using the current app beyond this point, and will instead need to make your bookings via the new Be Well app.

We are encouraging all those who have the current app to download the ‘Technogym - Training Coach’ in readiness for the changes. In the short-term, this app will also provide the same booking functionality as the current one. However, this functionality will no longer be available beyond 3 September.

When will the new Be Well app be available to download?

The new Be Well app is scheduled to be launched in late July 2024. Look out for further communications and information within our centres.

What functionality will the new Be Well app provide?

The new Be Well app will contain the following features:

  • Check-in feature for when you arrive at a centre for a pre-booked activity (either via ‘tap and go’ or by scanning a QR code)
  • Access to activity timetables
  • Access to the booking system
  • Access to your account to see your membership and transaction information in one location
  • Better access to information on the full range of Be Well services
  • Direct navigation to the ‘Technogym – Training Coach’ app to access the MyWellness system.

Do I need to create a new account when downloading the new Be Well app?

No, there is no need for you to create a new account. When booking an activity, you will simply need to log-in with your existing username and password.

The booking process will remain unchanged until Tuesday 27 August 2024, when we begin the transition to our new and improved booking system. At this point you won’t be able to book an activity until you have reset your password by selecting the ‘forgotten password’ option. Once again, there will be no need to create a new account.

Do I need to create a new account when downloading the 'Technogym - training coach' app?

No. Simply log-in using your current MyWellness username and password.

Which centre should I log-in to on the Be Well app for the first time?

The first time you use the new Be Well app, you will be asked to select your preferred centre from a list of options. We recommend selecting the centre that you intend to use the most. You can always change between centres within the app later, whenever you like.

If you don’t have a preferred centre, you can select the ‘Be Well Your Way’ option which includes our community-based walking, cycling and running activities, and health improvement services. Again, you can always change your selection later, whenever you want to.

Who should I contact if I have a problem downloading or accessing the Be Well app?

If you experience any problems with our app, please contact the Be Well team and we will be able to assist.

What is Be Well?

Be Well is Wigan Council’s new holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Be Well brings leisure and wellbeing services together under one roof, helping to make an even bigger impact on the health and wellbeing of residents and customers, in the heart of their local community.

Whether you’re looking to ease your way back into fitness or are already a full-time fitness fan, there’s something for everyone at Be Well, whatever your age or ability.

From local leisure centres to weight management programmes, guided walks to junior fitness, inclusive activities to water sports - we’ve got everything residents in the borough need to get fit and active and lead healthier, happier lives as a result.

Be Well is a mix of free and paid for activities, with plenty of choice to suit you and your needs.

What are the opening hours? (normal and festive)

Are wellbeing services available?

Be Well offers a wide range of health and wellbeing services to help you stay active, happy and healthy. Our services can support you if:

  • You have a long-term condition. We deliver activities for people with cardiac conditions, stroke survivors, cancer, lung conditions, pain management amongst others
  • You would like to lose weight. Our weight management service provides nutritional advice and support to help you make a positive change
  • You are unsteady on your feet and would like to improve your strength, balance and mobility
  • You would like extra support to become active for example if you have a disability, mental health condition, sensory impairment, dementia or autism
  • You would like to find activities or sports sessions in your area such as walking, cycling, running, playing football, netball, badminton and even pickleball!
  • Contact the wellbeing team.

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