Historic environment

Historic Environment Strategy

In 2021 Wigan adopted its first Historic Environment Strategy which recognises that Wigan's heritage belongs to the people of the borough. We all have a responsibility to protect it and a right to enjoy it. Our historic environment is a key part of that heritage. This includes historic buildings, structures and ruins, conservation areas, historic gardens and landscapes.

The strategy covers three themes:

  • Understanding our historic environment
  • Valuing our historic environment
  • Managing and protecting our historic environment

The Council owns a number of heritage assets, but most are owned and managed privately by people and businesses, or by local community groups and voluntary bodies. We want this strategy to be used by all those groups, so that they can work in co-operation with local communities and the council to help conserve and enhance the borough’s historic environment.

Maintenance Guidance for Historic Buildings

Lack of maintenance is one of the major causes of deterioration within historic buildings, and keeping on top of routine defects should help to secure the building and ensure a viable long term future. The maintenance of old properties guidance has been put together to highlight some of the major maintenance issues that affect historic buildings and what you should look out for to help prevent building deterioration. Keeping on top of maintenance can prove to be a cost effective way of looking after your building.

Spending a small amount on your building now could avoid costly repairs later!

Scheduled ancient monuments

There are 12 across Wigan Borough, which can be found in our scheduled ancient monuments document. Permission for repair works is needed from the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.


A planning application may be needed for proposed works on archaeological sites and monuments. Any preservation or archaeological investigation needed will have to be funded by the applicant. Further information can be found on the Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service. Historic parks and gardens Wigan Borough's parks and gardens of historic interest can be found on the Historic England (external link) website.

Buildings and structures of local interest

There are many distinctive unlisted historic buildings and structures across Wigan Borough. Buildings like these do not have extra consent above the usual planning permission, it can help to influence planning decisions in a way that conserves and enhances local character. Guidance is available from Historic England (external link).

Wigan Wallgate Townscape Heritage Initiative

We have secured funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to create a Townscape Heritage Initiative for the Wallgate area of Wigan. Funding is available for repairs to buildings within the area – please see our Wigan Wallgate Townscape Heritage Initiative document to find out if you are entitled to financial support for repairs to your home.

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