Westwood Park Planning Framework

The Westwood Park Planning Framework provides planning guidance to inform the future development of the Westwood Park site in Wigan. Located less than 1 kilometre south of Wigan Town Centre, the 28 hectare site is served directly by the recently completed A49 link road, which provides much improved access to the M6, and also benefits from a desirable setting adjacent to Westwood Flash and the wider Wigan Flashes.

As informal planning guidance, the Planning Framework seeks to maximise these attributes to help deliver a high quality sustainable development. It provides clarity for applicants and other stakeholders with regards to the site’s development and will inform development proposals and planning decisions in the area.

The Council’s key objectives for the site are to:

  • Create an aspirational residential neighbourhood, including a mix of house types and tenures and the provision of affordable housing.
  • Support new employment space to serve the needs of modern businesses.
  • Deliver high quality green infrastructure, taking advantage of its desirable setting adjacent to the Wigan Flashes and the Leeds Liverpool Canal and direct access into Greenheart.
  • Create an attractive gateway into Wigan town centre along the enhanced strategic road network.
  • Enhance the public rights of way network and improve pedestrian and cycling links into Wigan town centre. 

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