Conservation areas

What are Conservation Areas?

Conservation areas are the best areas of Britain, picked for their special architectural or historic interest. They are identified so we can protect their character and appearance for the benefit of present and future generations.

Building and Developing in a Conservation Area

In general additional rules apply to planning applications in Conservation Areas:

  • Demolition of most buildings in the area are controlled, whether they are listed or not
  • Trees in the area are protected
  • Control is strengthened, so that the area can be preserved well and further improvements to its appearance can be made.

When considering new development, building or other work in a Conservation Area it is important to understand what makes the area special and how your development can help to preserve or enhance the ‘character and appearance’ of the area.

To help you we have put together Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans. 

  • The Appraisals set out what the historic importance of the area is and what makes it special.  They define the character and appearance.
  • The Management plans set out at greater detail what would be expected of new development including opportunities, key development principles and ambitions for the area.

There are 23 conservation areas in Wigan Borough where you can view each appraisal and management plan.

Find out more about conservation areas (external link).

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