Wildlife habitats and species

Almost one hundred sites across Wigan Borough are recognised for their wildlife importance. They range from the internationally important to locally important sites and cover a diverse mix of habitats. These include woodlands, grasslands, wetlands and moss lands. 

However, important wildlife is not restricted to these sites and they can be found at other locations. Further information can be found in our development and protected species document.

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

SSSIs are areas of land and water protected by law to conserve wildlife and geology. There are four sites in Wigan Borough designated as SSSIs.

Sites of Biological Importance (SBI)

SBIs are the most important non-statutory sites for nature conservation in Greater Manchester and provide a means of protecting sites that are of local value for their biological diversity.

Unlike SSSIs, SBIs have no legal protection but must be taken into consideration when planning applications affect the site.

There are many SBIs across Wigan Borough.

Local Nature Reserves (LNR)

LNRs are areas of special local interest for their biodiversity, geology or landscape features and have been legally designated as Local Nature Reserves.

There are seven Local Nature Reserves in Wigan Borough.

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