Writing a support plan

Once we have completed your social care assessment, you will be given an estimated personal budget. This will give you an idea of how much money can be spent on your support.

You will then need to write a plan that details how you will support the needs we identified in the assessment - we can help you with this.

What goes into your support plan?

Your support plan is where you:

  • Describe what is important to you
  • Detail the support you receive
  • Describe how you want to meet the needs we identified in your social care assessment.

You can think about spending your personal budget in all sorts of ways, provided it keeps you safe, and is lawful, effective and affordable.

You can write your support plan yourself (maybe ask a member of your family or a friend to look at it with you) or we can help you.

Once your support plan is complete it will need to be sent to the social worker so that they can agree it.

Getting help to write your plan 

If you want help, our social care officers can help you to create a support plan for your social care needs. This is a free service available to everyone, including those who pay for their own support.

They can also help put the plan in place, once it has been approved. They will 'shop around' to find and compare prices of services or find a paid carer to help you live independently.

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