Social care assessment

If you need adult social care help because of: 

  • Serious illness
  • Physical disability 
  • Learning disability 
  • Mental health problems
  • Frailty because of old age

or even if you are just having difficulty with aspects of your daily life, you should have a social care assessment of your needs completed.

What is an assessment?

A social care assessment is a free service involves a social care professional discussing your needs either in your home or somewhere more suitable.

The assessment will identify what your specific needs are, so that together we can decide whether you need support. Health and safety, your ability to manage personal and daily routines, your independence, your wellbeing and ability to make choices are all considered when we carry out the assessment. 

Generally it will include:

  • Your personal details and background information
  • Details of the people who care for you
  • Your views and your carers views
  • Where appropriate they may also gather information if you need help with personal care, health care, social care, housing, finance, employment, education, leisure and transport.

The outcome of an assessment can range from simple advice and information, to identifying complex needs and support. In emergency situations, emergency social care support can be arranged.

As we have a duty to assess a person who may be in need of community care services this may mean that an assessment is offered even if you have not specifically requested one.


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