Reviewing your situation

Everyone's circumstances change, so the services you receive should be reviewed from time to time.

A review meeting will look at your support plan and see whether your needs have changed and make sure you are happy with the care you are receiving and that it continues to meet your needs.

Support plans are reviewed regularly, or as your needs change.

If there is a change in your situation and you feel that you need more help, or different kinds of services, you should contact adult social care, whether or not a regular review is due.

If a review indicates a change in your needs, a reassessment may be necessary which involves looking at your needs in more detail with everyone that is involved in your care.

Who can attend a review?

You will always be invited to attend the review along with your family or friends, if this is in line with your wishes. Where a person lacks capacity, any person who acts in that persons best interests may be invited to the review to represent their views.

In the absence of any family or friends, an 'advocate' may be requested where appropriate. This is an independent person who can assist in representing your views.

Who can request a review?

A review or reassessment can be requested at any time by anyone who has concerns about your support or ongoing needs. That could be you, your family or friends, support staff or other professionals. 

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of my review?

Ensuring your independence, safety and wellbeing is central to the review process at all times. Every possible effort will be made to sort out any difficulties or problems during the review.

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of your review or reassessment, we have a formal complaints procedure.

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