Equipment and adaptations


All requests for equipment are passed to our stores which hold a large stock of commonly issued items. 

If you are assessed as needing a large, specialist item of equipment this may take a little time to arrive as we may need to order it directly from a company. 

There is no charge for equipment or adaptations costing less than £1,000.

Larger adaptations

If you are assessed as needing a larger adaptation such as a stairlift, shower, ramp etc the process is different depending on who owns your house.

  • If your house is council owned you can send us a request to carry out adaptations. If the adaptations cost more than £10,000 we will discuss what options are open to you. As a tenant there is no charge for recommended adaptations in your home.
  • If your house is rented from a private landlord or you own your own home - We will send the adaptation request to the department that administer the Disabled Facilities Grants. The grant pays for adaptations costing over £1,000 but is 'means tested' so you may have to pay something towards the cost. Your adaptation will be organised for you, though you have the option to organise it yourself in some circumstances.

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