Trade waste

We are not responsible for the removal of trade waste. Every business has a legal duty of care to ensure trade waste is disposed of safely.

What is trade waste?

Waste from premises which are used for business - such as shops, factories, homes and offices - is classed as trade waste.

How do I get trade waste removed?

The council do not offer a trade waste disposal service.

In order to get trade waste removed, businesses will need to find a registered waste contractor and set up a Waste Transfer Agreement with them.

They will want to know what waste needs removing, and how and when it will be collected.

  • Copies of Trade Waste Agreements or Waste Transfer Notes will need to be kept safe as they may need to be produced to an authorised council officer of requested
  • Failure to provide these documents can result in a fixed penalty or prosecution.

Please note: Litter bins and waste recycling centres can NOT be used to dispose of trade waste.

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