Bulky waste FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What items do/don't we collect?

For a full list of items we do and do not collect visit our bulky waste collections page.

If there is an item that is not on either list please contact us.

Why do the items we collect need to be kept dry?

Items need to be kept clean and dry so that they can be reused or recycled.

Do I need to be in for the collection?

You do not have to be in for the collection, as long as you leave your items outside your property by 6:30am on the arranged collection day.

You must make sure these items are:

  • Dry and covered - especially any absorbent items such as carpets, mattresses and settees
  • Accessible when we arrive to collect
  • Clearly identifiable
  • The items booked for collection - other items not described will not be collected.

Why have you not collected my items?

Reasons your items were not collected include:

  • Items where not put out before 6:30am
  • Items where not left outside your property in the location stated when booking your collection 
  • There were access issues due to parked cars.

Do you offer assistance in bringing the bulky waste to the collection point?

In certain circumstances, we do offer assistance to vulnerable residents who are unable to move their bulky waste to the collection point themselves.

We do ask that if you are having trouble moving your bulky waste to the collection point, please ask a neighbour, family or friend to help first if this is possible.

If you still require assistance from us, please complete our online form and one of our team will be in touch within 5 working days to explain how we can support you.

Why have you only taken my fridge or metal object(s)?

This may be because someone else has taken your items before the Council came to collect them. We do not offer a refund if someone else has collected your items.

Are there other ways to pay available?

Residents can pay for a bulky waste collection by credit or debit card only.

Can I cancel or change an appointment?

You can cancel an appointment but you cannot change any booking details after booking the collection. No refunds will be given for a cancellation.

Do we offer time slots?

Specific collection times will not be allocated. The items listed will be collected from 6:30am onwards on the scheduled day. Your bulky waste booking cannot be added or changed once it is booked.

Can we collect items from a shed, garage or outhouse?

No, items must be left outside of your property. This includes the drive, the front of your property boundary and outside the back alley. Items will not be collected from your back garden.

If your items are to be collected from an alley gated area, you must ensure that they are presented within the gated area without blocking any access to the gates.

All gates must be easily accessible, left unlocked and must not exceed 1.5 metres in height.

There are no booking slots available

Bookings are only available three weeks in advance. There is also a limit to the number of large items (settees) that can be collected per day due to the size and capacity of our delivery vehicles.

Booking slots are made available daily, on a rolling basis. Due to the current high demand, booking slots are limited.

I can't find my address

When searching for your address, please ensure that the street name has been spelled correctly and in full, i.e. Road and not Rd.

You are not required to complete all three fields when performing an address search. For example, you can search against either Street name or Postcode alone.

If you are still unable to find your address, you can contact the bulky waste team.

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