Coronavirus - Advice for food businesses

It's very unlikely that you can catch coronavirus from food. However, food businesses must take some extra precautions to ensure the food they are serving is safe to eat.

To ensure you food is safe to eat, see guidance on:

Reopening of food businesses during COVID-19

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) have provided some useful information to support the re-opening of food businesses, including example signage that businesses may wish to use or adapt:

Advice if you have just introduced delivery, takeaway or collection

If you are a registered food business based in the borough and you have changed your current food activities to a delivery, takeaway or collection service, you must inform Wigan Council.

Advice for community groups, food banks or food businesses using food donations

If you are using food donations and supplying donated foods to others or making meals which are then delivered or collected, take a look at the following guidance:

Unregistered food businesses

Whilst we are in unprecedented times, any community group or individual now wanting to provide food to people in the community on a regular basis must be registered with the local authority as a food business and must comply with food legislation and guidance (see above for more information). The food you provide must be safe.

Infection control for all food handlers

Food handlers have a responsibility to ensure they are fit for work under food hygiene regulations.

Food handlers must be aware of any infection control policy and report illnesses to the operator of the food business.

If any food handlers, staff or volunteers show signs of COVID 19 illness they must follow government advice on social distancing and self isolation.

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