Food safety management system

If you are running a food business, you are legally required to have an approved food safety management system in place which makes sure food is safe for customers to eat.

You should use a system based on food safety practices that you are familiar with, which are in line with general hazard analysis and critical procedures principles HACCP (external link).

The nature and size of your business will affect the amount of controls and documentation you will need to have in place.

Safer food, better business

The Safer food, better business approach helps to put food safety management procedures in place for small businesses. The procedures consist of a variety of documents which must be completed and maintained in order to comply with food hygiene regulations. A caterers pack (external link) and a dairy pack refill (external link) are available to download.

Home caterers

If you are a home caterer or baker who regularly prepares food for members of the public the food safety pack for home bakers can be used to help you document your procedures.The pack should be printed and completed. 

The pack provides some useful advice and guidance about running a food business and the production sheet on page 20 should be completed every time you prepare food.



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