Food export certificates

Food Export Certificates

If you have a food business and wish to sell your produce abroad, you may be required to have a food export health certificate by the country of destination.

To apply for a food export health certificate, you will need to contact the embassy or consulate of the country you wish to export to and they will supply the details and format required for the certificate.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website (external link) allows you to search for an embassy. You should then contact us with this information. Before a certificate is issued we may make additional checks depending on the required wording of the certificate.

We will not supply a certificate unless you have registered your food business. There is a £122 charge for each routine certificate.

Exporting Goods – General Information

General information on exporting goods is available via GOV.UK exporting and doing business abroad.

Special requirements and Certificates for Exporting Food

Special requirements and rules apply when exporting food.  If you are commercially exporting food from the UK, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of any restrictions and what export conditions apply. You need to do this before food can be exported.

Some countries require special health certificates (each country has different requirement regarding this). Most of these are available from DEFRA’s Rural Payments Agency (RPA) and / or Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

Further details and information about how to obtain the certificates you are likely to need is available from:

Health Certificates for Export purposes from Wigan Council

Occasionally, in addition to or instead of DEFRA certificates, the country or importer will require a certificate from the local authority that inspects food hygiene where the goods are manufactured.  If the product is manufactured in Wigan Borough and you think you need this type of certificate, please contact our Environmental Health Food Team to discuss the certificate wording you require (which you will need to find out from the country or importer concerned) and our fees.

Applying for a Health Certificate from Wigan Council

  • All requests must be submitted a minimum of 5 working days prior to the date the certificate is required.
  • All requests must be emailed to
  • Payments for requests must be made prior to the request being submitted.  We will no longer invoice you for the cost of processing your requests.  Further information on how payment can be made is shown below.  The current fee payable is £122.00.
  • All requests should be in writing and confirm the following:
    • Any order / invoice number(s) that need to be included on the certificate when issued
    • Description of the food product(s) to be exported
    • The export destination
    • Any other information that needs to be included on the certificate when issued
    • The date of payment, including any payment reference

It is your responsibility to ensure your request confirms all the information that you need us to include on the certificate when issued, and that this is clearly stated in your request.

Making a payment

Payments must now be made prior to submitting a request and can be made via either of the following 2 methods:

Online via Pay a council bill.

  • Click Pay your bill online
  • Click Miscellaneous
  • Select Environmental Health from the drop down box
  • Select Health Certificate for Export from the drop-down box

We receive immediate notification for this type of payment, and this is therefore our preferred method of payment.

Bank transfer

Bank: Barclays Bank, 51 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HQ

Account Name: Wigan BC-Income

Sort Code: 20-55-58

Account No. 63553698

Reference: Please quote EXPORT CERTIFICATE + your own reference to help us trace your payment

Please allow 2 working days for this type of payment to filter through to us.


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