Scaffoldings and hoardings

You need a licence to erect a scaffold or hoarding on the public highway.

You are legally obliged to apply for a licence so that we can make sure the scaffolding or hoarding does not pose a danger to other users of the highway.

You must apply at least two working days before the scaffold or hoarding is needed.

Please only apply for a scaffold from us if the location falls within Wigan Council, check which council (external link).

How long does a licence last for?

Licences are valid for a maximum of 28 days. If you need a longer period you can apply to renew your licence. Renewals also last for a maximum of 28 days.


  • Licence applications: £150
  • Licence applications (Town Centre locations) - £200

Renewal applications can only be accepted before your current one expires. If you apply for a renewal after it expires, it will be treated as a new application.


Regulations for scaffold and hoardings on public highways can be found in the Highways Act 1980 (external link)

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