Skip licences

You need a licence to place a skip on a public highway. It is an offence under the Highways Act not to do so and may result in prosecution.

You must apply at least two working days before the skip is needed.

Any skip placed on the highway must have warning lights set up from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise otherwise you will face a fine.

Licences are not required for skips placed on driveways or unadopted roads.

Application process

It's the responsibility of the skip company to apply for a licence, not the individual. You will need to contact a registered skip operator to do this on your behalf. Two working days notice is required for all licence applications. 

The skip operator will need to apply and pay online.  

Please only apply for a skip from us if the location falls within Wigan Council, check which council (external link).

How long does a licence last for?

Your licence will last for a maximum of 28 days. Skips required for a longer period will need a new licence application once the 28 day notice has expired.


The fee for each skip licence is £55 and is payable when the application is made.

The fee for each skip licence in a town centre location (Wigan or Leigh) is £61.


Regulations for skips on public highways can be found within the Highways Act 1980 (external link)

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