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Coronavirus → Changes to building control

For site work and visits to occupied domestic properties, we have implemented the following measures to keep our staff and customers safe:

  • We cannot inspect a property if anyone in the house is currently self-isolating or shielding
  • Properties will need to be ventilated before we arrive on site, you can do this by opening the windows for 1 hour before the site visit
  • All occupants and contractors will need to follow social distancing guidelines and maintain a 2 metre distance from our officers
  • Inspecting officers will wear PPE when required
  • We will not accept photographic evidence of works carried out in lieu of a site visit.

See further details on changes to building control.

If you're unsure if you need building regulations approval please see:

Before you start work

It is illegal to start work without notifying us first. You might have to correct the work or pay a fine if you do not tell us about it.

You will also need a certificate of compliance if you want to sell your home.

If you don’t obtain a completion certificate it may void the insurance policy on the property. It is strongly advised you check this with your insurer.

Apply for building regulations approval

Apply for a building notice

For minor work on single family houses such as garage conversions, toilet installations and small extensions.

You don't need to submit any plans but you must be confident that the work being done will comply with building regulations. You risk having to fix any issues after we have inspected if it is not correct.

Apply for full plans submission

Submit detailed plans of the work you are doing. It is cheaper and gives you the most protection.

Apply for building regulations approval

For electrical work carried out by a person who is not Part P registered. This relates only to the notifiable work below:

  • New consumer unit
  • New electrical circuit
  • Rooms containing a swimming pool or sauna heater
  • Work within certain zones in a room containing a bath or shower.

Apply for replacement windows or doors building notice

For replacement windows and doors if the glazing in the door is greater than 50% and the installer is not registered with an appropriate competent persons scheme.

Please note an application is not required for the replacement of glazing only.

Apply for the partner authority scheme

For architects and designers who wish to partner with Wigan Council Building Control.

This enables us to plan check your building regulation application no matter where in the country the work is constructed.

This provides a more consistent interpretation of the regulations along with a good working relationship. For more information see  LABC (external link).

I've already started work

If you started work without getting building regulations approval you must now apply (there will be a charge).

We'll check whether it meets the building regulations standards and issue you a certificate if it has. If it doesn't meet standards you might have to correct the work or pay a fine.

Please note: You cannot get approval for any work completed before 12 November 1985.

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