Fees and payments - building control

From 10th April 2017 the scheme of charges for Building Regulations applications has been revised.


See the price lists:

What fees are covered?
FeeWhen fee must be paid

Plan fee

This is paid after you have completed a full plans application, and covers our costs in administering the application and checking your plans and specifications.

Inspection fee

This is payable after the first inspection has been made on a full plans application. The cost covers visiting the site, inspecting the work and issuing a completion certificate.

Building notice fee

This is payable when the building notice is given to us. This charge covers site inspections and any design checking.

Already started work (regularisation) fee

This must be paid when you have completed a regularisation application for unauthorised work. The charge covers all administration, site checks and inspections.

Fees are not payable when work is carried out to buildings which have specific facilities added to support disabled people.

How to pay

  • Pay online
  • Pay at Wigan Life Centre (card payments only).

VAT is payable on all charges except if you have already started work (regularisation charges).


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